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Lorena Peralta

Actor, Director, Model, Artist

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Lorena Peralta is an actress, model and director based in the Bronx, NYC.


From a place with so much grit and power, I strive to bring life to stories, to share experiences with those among us, and be able to connect with other artists establishing themselves and their work. 

With a background in arts management, and performance, I felt it was necessary to place my skills on one source.

Below you will find specs of performance in the theatre, some on film. Alongside that, there are the projects I have had the grace of being able to direct and oversee (some are still in progress).

Welcome to Lorena's Utopia - her creative world.  


Let's get in touch! 


Looking forward to creating and being involved in more projects! If you're looking for a director, assistant, or a second eye for a project, reach out! 

For all questions, booking, portfolio/resume/CV:

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